Phoenix Homesteads

Phoenix Homesteads Historic District

Phoenix Homesteads consists of two irregularly  shaped areas, north of Thomas Road and south of Osborn Road, between 26th Street and 28th Street, as shown on this this map.  Most of the homes were built in the mid 1930’s.  The Subsistence Homestead Program was established by the National Recovery Act of 1933 during the Roosevelt administration.  This area of Phoenix was one those that was built under the Program.

Construction began in 1935.  Sixty adobe homes were built in the Pueblo Revival style. Of the original sixty houses, forty five remain standing.  The Phoenix Homesteads Association continues to this day, making it the oldest homeowners association in the Valley.

The Phoenix Homesteads Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in October of 1987 and on the Phoenix Historic Property Register (City of Phoenix) in January of 1990.